1920s - 1990s

Connaught Ranges

The Connaught Ranges opened in time for the DCRA to hold its Annual Prize Meeting in 1921. With the exception of the period 1939 to 1946, the DCRA Annual Prize Meeting has been held on an annual basis at Connaught.

During the early years the Annual Prize Meetings consisted of smallbore, pistol, Service Rifle (A) (Military Targets) and Service Rifle (B) (Target Rifle Targets). Upwards of 3,000 competitors, including 800 Cadets, attended the 10 day competitions. All competitions were under the control of DCRA staff. Additionally, in those years all members of the DCRA Bisley Team were Military members, as was the majority of the membership.

In 1957 the Canadian Army introduced the FNC1 as the military rifle. DCRA members were entitled to borrow these firearms from DND for competition purposes in the Service Rifle matches. The .303 continued to be the firearm utilized for target rifle competitions. The matches continued to be conducted by DCRA staff members.

In the mid 1970's the military staff at the National Defence Headquarters decided to take over the conduct of the military Service Rifle competition. This arrangement lasted for about four years when DND approached the DCRA to again take responsibility for the conduct of the Service Rifle matches. This arrangement prevailed until the late 1980's when the Army staff again took control of the Service Rifle matches. Since that time the Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Competition (CAFSAC) and the DCRA National Service Arms Competition (NSAC) have been conducted conjointly.

Since before the turn of the century the DCRA has been conducting a smallbore Winter Postal Programme which has included a programme specifically dedicated to Cadet Units across Canada. This programme is still in existence and will continue for the foreseeable future.