The DCRA continued to hold its Annual Matches at Rockcliffe until the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Teams regularly visited from England, the United States and Australia. Following the First World War the matches resumed at Rockcliffe for 1919 and 1920. During its period of occupancy at Rockcliffe the DCRA had built a large Administration building and a substantial set of quarters for competitors. Pressure began to mount to have the site of the range made available for other purposes.


It was at this time that the DCRA, in conjunction with the Minister of Militia, selected the current site of the Connaught Ranges for development. Since the DCRA were required to give up their buildings at Rockcliffe, the Association was granted use of the Connaught Range in Perpetuity. The Association was called upon to design the layout of the ranges. The original plans are still in the DCRA archives.

1899 - 1920s

Rockcliffe Range