The DCRA Today

The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association is composed of 10 Provincial Rifle Associations, the Yukon Rifle Association and the National Capital Region Rifle Association. All Provincial and Territorial Associations are affiliated with the DCRA and utilize DCRA rules and standards in their competitions. The management structure of the DCRA consists of a President, Executive Vice President, a Council, a Comptroller, an Executive Committee, Life Governors and an Executive Director with a small staff who are located at the DCRA Headquarters at the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa.

The DCRA conducts national championships for a variety of disciplines, including Target Rifle, F-Class, Black Powder, Service Rifle, Service Pistol, and Precision Rifle. In addition the DCRA continues to work closely with the Canadian Armed Forces to further enhance marksmanship throughout the Regular and Primary Reserve Forces.

In addition to our National Championships, as a member of ICFRA (International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations) the DCRA will occasionally be granted to opportunity to host the Long Range World Championships (and the famed Palma Match), and the F-Class World Championships.